Basorrah Engineering Consultants is a consulting office which provides the following architectural Engineering     services:

  • working collaboratively alongside concept architects to ensure delivery of complex projects;

  •  working alongside concept architects to provide technical support until the point when the concept is set and total delivery of the scheme

  • working with contractors to deliver projects, independently of the concept architect, in a Design & Build form of contract.

 The office has been set up by Engr. Abdulrahman Hussain Basorrah in response to specific market demand. As   such theory will be based in Saudi Arabia practice aligned to International standard and utilize the resources and   support services of the practice. This allow to call upon a large number of experienced and committed  architects   and engineers with an ambition to deliver innovative architectural engineering.

  • Conceptualized

  • Improve

  •  Design / Coordinate

  •  Innovation

  •  Satisfaction

  •  Final Deliver